Timber Fencing

If you are after a stylish yet budget-friendly solution to defining the boundary of your property, then Timber Fencing is the best choice for you. A popular style across Melbourne suburbs and most Australian homes is the traditional Treated Pine Paling fence. It is a top choice when it comes to fencing in Melbourne. It’s long lasting durability and affordability, as well as for its classic style that adds elegance to any property.

A fencing solution that will never go out of style. A timber fences offer versatility and can be customised to suit both your home design and your security and privacy needs. You can choose to add capping, exposed timber posts, or thicker plinths to make them stand out. For a more decorative effect, go for a stepped style or incorporate Lattice above the fence to WOW your neighbours! If you’re looking for a simple and minimalist style, go for the standard timber fences that are subtle and blend in well with the surroundings.

One of the many advantages of using Treated Pine Paling Timber Fencing is its long-term resistance to decay and termites. Other noteworthy advantages of Timber Fencing also include:

    • Tough and long lasting
    • Increased durability
    • Customisable – may be stained, oiled, or painted
    • Wide range of designs available
    • Can withstand any condition
    • Suitable for all styles and functions

At Fenceology, we will work with you to achieve the best and most preferable solutions. We are willing to go the extra mile to provide a hassle-free service. We also ensure your peace of mind by always using quality hardwood posts that are category ½ graded. Note that we only use Cypress posts if specifically requested by the developer. Accentuate your home, improve your privacy, and protect your property from all kinds of threats with versatile Timber Fencing. 

Colorbond Fencing

If you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional Timber Fencing that is as attractive and secure, go for Colorbond Fencing. Colorbond fences are low-maintenance and do not require painting. They are popular for their durability and clean look, perfect for contemporary and minimalist designs. These steel fences are also a common choice for properties that require extra privacy due to the fences’ solid feature.

For your peace of mind, we are proud to affirm that we only use genuine Colorbond® steel, which is backed by a 10-year warranty.* Colorbond is a trusted Australian brand for steel fences that come in a variety of colours and are made from galvanised steel with a professional and long lasting finish.

Trust Vicwide Fencing to provide you with Colorbond fencing in Melbourne tailored to your needs. Choose from our range of 24 colours – choose a single colour or mix and match sheets and rails to achieve the desired effect for your property.

In addition to steel fencing, you can also work with Vicwide Fencing to manufacture and install gates that complement your fence. With so many colour choices and design options available, Colorbond® Fencing installed by Vicwide Fencing will meet your needs and expectations.

Pool Fencing

Fenceology specialises in supplying and installing Aluminium, Semi-frameless Glass, and Fully-frameless Glass Pool Fencing in all areas of Melbourne. Our Pool Fencing guarantees the highest quality, stylish fences that serve as a great way to show off your outdoor area and efficiently provide security and privacy.

As per pool fence regulations in Victoria, it is required for pools to have fences. To make sure your Pool Fencing complies with the law, trust only the unparalleled choice – Vicwide Fencing.

Feature Fencing

Feature Fencing In Melbourne Make an aesthetic statement and enhance your property’s outdoor area with Feature Fencing. Adding curb appeal to your home or building, Feature Fencing is also perfect for those who plan to have their property up for rent or for sale. Feature fences will increase your property’s market value for its attractiveness and practicality. They will also boost buyer confidence due to the improved privacy and security that Feature Fencing provides.

Stand out among your neighbours and let Vicwide Fencing install feature fences around your home. Whether you choose a classic and popular design or have a specific contemporary style in mind, we have a wide range of Feature Fencing options that can be customised to your needs and preferences, and to achieve a unique design and style.